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The Montague Paratrooper folding bike has been featured in a video on A-Z Bushcraft!

Andrew Price points out the benefits of having a bicycle while out in the wilderness. Whether camping or traveling off road, a bicycle allows a sort of freedom to get around that walking and driving can’t compare to. A bike is perfect because it enables you to go anywhere you would be able to go by walking. The perk is that it can be done more quickly and efficiently. Also the Paratrooper can hold lots of gear which makes mobilizing much easier without having to carry everything while on foot.

He touches on the environmental benefits of the bike, a quiet way to get around without the need for fuel. It gives the freedom to stay at a camping spot or leave whenever one pleases, knowing the trip to the next spot will be fast, free, and without the need to stop for fuel. Andrew also talks about the versatility of the Paratrooper folding bike, which can fold down to fit on a train, airplane, or trunk of a car.

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