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Great news! Montague Bikes was recently featured in the Boston Herald in an article talking about the perks of using a folding bike, specifically the Swissbike TX commuter bike. The TX is the perfect bike for cruising around the city, with slick tires and a lightweight frame for easy lifting onto trains and buses, or even into the office or apartment.

Amanda James rode the TX folding bike during her 5 mile commute to work. She says, “the bike performed as well as my regular, full-sized bike. Thanks to front-end shock absorbers, I barely noticed potholes or the vibration of going over a curb.” She goes on to say that “the bike folded easily, was easy to store and attracted attention from everyone in the office.”

Amanda James Carrying a Swissbike TX folding bike

Amanda James Carrying a Swissbike TX folding bike

Amanda demonstrated that riding a bike to work is a great way to save time and money while getting in some exercise to wake up the mind and body. Even for those who don’t want to ride all the way to work, she touched upon the fact that “with a folding bike, you can drive part way to work, then take the bike out of your trunk and finish the trip”. It’s a flexible way to still ride even if you live too far from work.

David Montague adds, “Just going cold turkey by immediately getting rid of your car is more than a lot of people are willing to do. Riding part of the way to work is more of a realistic jump for people who want to be healthy and help the environment at the same time.”

We’re proud to have a local following as well as our customers worldwide. Check out the article here!

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