A warm 82 degrees, the unobstructed views of the blue sky, and my Swissbike TX folding bike: makes for a perfect bike-ride. I love the days when I wake up and realize the whole day is mine, and mine alone. No obligations. No plans other than to do something fun for myself. These rare occasions are only made better when I look outside my window to see clear bright blue skies and the warm sun beating down. I recently had one such morning and jumped at the chance to do, what else, but go for a bike ride. I unfolded my TX and headed out. I took my time meandering through the city, feeling sorry for those stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in their cars as I pedaled by them. There’s nothing like taking a bike ride in the summertime.

Montague Swissbike CX and TX folding bikes cruise the Commons

Montague Swissbike CX and TX folding bikes cruise the Commons

So go ahead; spend a bit of your day cycling around. With the sun on your shoulders and the wind in your face, you will always feel better. Riding my Swissbike TX helps me leave the worries behind and feel like a kid again. Next stop, riding at the beach.

Ride Safe,


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