Hi Riders,

I woke up on Saturday to beautiful blue skies outside. Immediately I decided to go for an early morning bike ride along the Charles River bike path, a 24-mile loop from the Museum of Science in Boston all the way to Waltham. I knew if I got out in time I could miss the majority of the tourists that flock to the city on the weekends, and if not, I could do some people watching while catching some beautiful scenery of the sailboats on the water. After breakfast I packed some food for the journey and hopped on my Swissbike TX folding bike en route to Watertown to visit my grandmother.

It takes about 10 minutes to get to the Charles River from my apt in Cambridge. Once there, I looked across the way to the Boston side. It was starting to get crowded with tourists and daily joggers and walkers, so I decided to stick to the Cambridge side of the river for my ride. One of the things I like about this path is that it runs on both sides of the river and connects at the end for one large loop. It

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