Hi Swissbikers!

The weather finally brightened up yesterday, so we decided it was the perfect day to do some riding. We packed up a few Montague Swissbike XO folding bikes in our car trunk and headed to northern Massachusetts for a little mountain biking. Upon arriving near the woods of Gloucester, we parked our car, unfolded the bikes, and headed straight into the trails. No warm up. The trails out there start abruptly, throwing all kinds of technical descents, climbs, and drops your way.

The XO felt very comfortable as we made our way through the beginning of the trail, hopping smaller rocks and winding down the hills. We sped right over some man-made bridges and ladders with no problem. The steeper ones were exhilarating, and the XO felt very reliable as we rode high above the ground. Biking up over larger boulders was a workout for the legs, but the tires and brakes held up really well and prevented the bikes from sliding around.

It was great to dip and dive with a trustworthy bike. At the end of the day, being able to put the folded bikes back into the car and not having to fiddle with a roof rack was a nice relief. All in all it was a really fun trip, and our Swissbike XO folding bikes held tough in and around the rocky terrain. The experience made us want to keep riding.

Send us your own mountain biking photos!

Ride Safe,

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