Hi Swissbikers!

After missing out on the beach for several weeks, this past weekend a friend and I decided to go to Singing Beach in Manchester, Massachusetts. With a bit of research, we discovered that the commuter rail stops right in the center of town, and the coast is a short 5 minute bike ride from there. We filled our backpacks with beach necessities, grabbed our Montague Swissbike TX and CX bikes, and headed for the train station. Upon arriving at the station downtown, we folded up our bikes and took them inside. We purchased our roundtrip tickets to Manchester and boarded the commuter rail just in time. There was plenty of room to store our folded bikes underneath our seats, so they were kept out of sight for the duration of the trip. We got asked a few questions about them, as travelers considered buying Montague folding bikes for their commutes.

After about an hour we reached Manchester and eagerly got off the train. There was a local market right by the train stop, so we decided to get some groceries and drinks before heading to our destination. We quickly unfolded our bikes and locked them up at a bike rack outside the store. After spending some time in the market, we each came out with a bag filled with a sandwich, fruit, water, and some other things to munch on. We loaded up our panniers on the back of our bikes, and finally headed off towards the ocean.

After a short but quietly beautiful ride up and down some hills, we came to a clearing on our right and saw the white sands with the dark blue waters behind them. It was early in the morning, so the beach was still fairly empty. We rode down towards the water to the smoother, denser sands and then rode alongside the waves to the far right side of the beach. We jumped off our bikes, emptied out our panniers, and folded up the TX and CX. We then used the two folded bikes to hold down our large beach blanket. Another great use! After quickly getting our things settled we both ran into the refreshing water and realized that all it took was a little pedaling and just a short trip on the train with our Montague folding bikes to get a carefree day away from the city.

Ride Safe,

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