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It was a weekend of rain and drizzle in New England, but that didn’t keep us from wanting to go on an adventure. With 3 Montague folding bikes and 3 riders, we decided to spend our Saturday afternoon traveling up the Minuteman Bikeway. The bike path is an 11 mile long paved trail that runs from Cambridge, Ma, starting at Alewife Station, to Bedford, Ma. As children, we had frequented the trail with our parents, so we were excited to ride down memory lane for a few hours.

Minuteman Bikeway Logo

Minuteman Bikeway Logo

The three of us wore our raingear and left before noon to head towards Alewife Station with two Swissbike TX bikes and one Montague CX. We were lucky to be able to ride to the trail, but many people drive their cars or take the train to get there. In those situations, it would be great to have Montague folding bikes like we did. The commuters could ride the train at any time instead of only during the off peak hours because they could fold their bikes and put them in cases. Also, the drivers could avoid fussing with bike racks on their cars, especially on that rainy day.

We arrived at the beginning of the bikeway in no time and joined the other riders, joggers, and skaters who were braving the weather. The traffic was steady but low, so we could alternate our spots frequently as we biked in a line. Within two miles we reached the beautiful Spy Pond in Arlington. The pond is a hundred acres around, with one island called Elizabeth Island. We sat here for awhile as we drank some water and took in the scenery. It wasn

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