Hey all,

With national bike month and summer weather and all that goodness upon us, I wanted to share some great commuter ‘rules’ with you.

Transportation Alternatives has recently created a bike specific website that has some great reference materials, tips and other good stuff for bike commuters.

Though it looks as though the site is slated toward NYC riders, it definitely applies to all of us.

They write:

Here’s a simple proposition for NYC cyclists: always yield to pedestrians. As our potential to cause harm increases on the street, so does our responsibility to others. Slowing down and giving someone the respect they deserve will go a long way towards fostering a sense of shared responsibility that will ultimately make NYC streets better for cyclists, pedestrians and even drivers.

Cyclists, as the fastest-growing commuter group in NYC, are the most obvious ambassadors for calmer and more livable streets. Cyclists often know, in painful detail, the fear and havoc that automobiles can bring to NYC streets. Let’s not pose a similar threat to pedestrians in the walking capital of the world. Instead, let’s seize this opportunity to usher in a new era of safer, saner travel. Join us in this moving revolution: Biking Rules for NYC.

Check out the list of commuter rules here: http://bikingrules.org/rules/streetcode

Ride Safe,


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