The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and bike police are yet again mounting up to patrol the streets.

Here’s a great review of our Paratrooper folding bike from the eyes of an officer in the UK:


Montague Corporation developed the Paratrooper Mountain Bike in conjunction with the United States Defence advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to bridge an important gap between walking infantry and heavy military vehicles like The Hum Vee or other army trucks. Montague Corporation pioneered Folding Integrated Technology (FIT), deemed to be one of the next-generation trends in the bicycle industry. DARPA, the Pentagon-based agency, recognized the importance of this folding technology for military use and so funded the development of a bicycle that could be used by US Marines, Paratroopers, Military Police, Rangers, Police and other Military divisions.

The bike has developed into civilian models and the Swiss Bike brand.


Montague UK kindly supplied the constabulary with a Cammo Green Montague Paratrooper. The bike came folded in its

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