We have recently been checking updates from Julie and Colin Angus, two adventurers rowing and cycling 6500km from Scotland to Syria. Having begun at the northern tip of Scotland in March 2008, they are on the very last leg of their journey six months later. The spirit of the trip revolves around spreading awareness of environmental stewardship and bridging the gaps between various cultures.

The Angus’ means of transportation is quite unique. Understanding the efficiency of small, human powered watercraft, the pair had two amphibious rowboats built for the trip. However, realizing that rowing conditions may not always be ideal and that access to waterways may be inconsistent, they decided to bring a pair of bikes along. Thus, two trailers were constructed that could easily be broken down to fit inside the boats and two bikes were selected that could fold down for easy storage and transportation. Due to the long miles to be ridden and ~250kg of gear to be towed, Julie and Colin really wanted the strength and comfort of a full size bike but the stow ability of folding bike. The two Montague bikes that were eventually selected fit their needs perfectly. Combined with the state of the art row boats, the Rowed Trip team was equally mobile both on and off the water, the ultimate human powered machine.

Over the last few months, the team has had an incredible journey. They update their journal regularly with well written accounts of their trials and tribulations and great photos. Along with their own journey, the Angus’ have teamed up with with various educators to offer students an interactive learning experience exploring world cultures and developing key decision making skills.

Congratulations on a fantastic trip.


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