Chris Allison is a 24 year old cyclist and humanitarian from Atlanta, GA. Over the next two years he will be leaving his home and heading for Papua New Guinea (and eventually Bolivia) in order to aid in relief and re-building efforts.

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While he may be leaving the comforts of his couch on this endeavor, he will not be leaving his passion for cycling. In conjunctions with his main goals, Chris intends to “provide local communities with functioning bicycles as a vital means of transportation” as in many areas of Papua New Guinea, cars are simply not feasible. In fact, many localities can only be reached by foot or via airplane. Chris however, thought of another method of travel.

Checking out various options, Chris quickly settled on the Montague Paratrooper as the ideal mode of transportation for his time abroad. It is easy to fold down and fly with, it’s rugged enough to hold up to trails and unpaved roads that otherwise might prove troublesome, and it compacts down tightly to store at night and when riding in a vehicle. Built around the industry standard, the Paratrooper offers compatibility with a wide range of tools and components as well. This is an important concept as your average bike shops are few and far between in Papua.

From Chris’ descriptions of the mountainous terrain, it also sounds like some downtime singletrack will be pretty fun too.

So check back here or go right to the source to watch Chris’ adventure unfold.

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