I had an interesting conversation the other day with Scott C. from Alaska. Scott is the owner of a Montague CX and the pilot of his Maule M-6. Last year he covered some serious ground in his plane by visiting over 30 states via airplane. While he was not in the air, Scott was pedaling his CX using it as his primary means of ground transportation. Below are two pictures showing how Scott is able to fit two Montague CXs as well as camping and traveling gear into his M-6.

One of the locations Scott was able to visit with his CX was North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Landing at the Billy Mitchel Airport on the southern tip of Hatteras Island, Scott was able to use his CX to easily tour up and down the island. Hatteras is a great vacation spot for cyclists boasting over 70 miles of flat road riding that cuts through the dunes and offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico Sound. Well maintained campgrounds dot the island system making it easy to find a place to put down your kickstand during a cycling tour. For great seafood, be sure to check out Breakwater Restaurant conveniently located on the docks around Hatteras harbor. Don’t forget to pedal your way to the Hatteras lighthouse, the tallest standing lighthouse in the United States.

If the perfect solitude of Hatteras is too slow for your lifestyle, there is another small airfield in Kill Devil Hills which is just a short pedal away from the dunes that the Wright Brothers originally flew from in 1903. More densely populated than Hatteras, the northern portion of the Outer Banks boasts many small shops and local art galleries that are sure to allow a folded Montague or SwissBike inside. For a nice afternoon trip, ride your bike a few miles up to Duck and visit Elizabeth’s Cafe and Winery for on-the-deck wine sampling and delicious gourmet food.

North Carolina’s Outer Banks is a cycling haven regardless of how you get there. While Scott C. travels by plane and CX, the island system is easily accessed by car and boat as well. Several of the inns around the island have private docking…and parking lots too. However, once you are on the islands, ditch the car, boat, or plane as there are tons of activities within riding distance from where you are. From wine tasting to fishing and dune surfing to fine dining, the Outer Banks has it all. Visit North Carolina’s Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce website to further explore how you can maximize you vacation by using your Montague or SwissBike.

Ride Safe,


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