Over the last week we received several stories from people who have been doing some traveling with their SwissBikes. The one below seems to epitomize the versatility and portability of the SwissBikes.

Jon from Boston, MA writes:

“My brother was recently in New York on business. He lives clear across the country so I decided to take the short trip from Boston to the big apple to visit him for the weekend. On Friday I commuted to work on my TX. At the end of the day I was able to ride my bike down to the T. I have one of your carrying cases so I folded it up into the case and carried my bike on to the T. I took the T to South Station where I was able to catch a bus to the Port Authority in New York City. I stored the bike with the other luggage in the baggage hold of the Bus.

Once I arrive in New York, I unfolded my bike and road to the Upper Westside to meet my brother for dinner at Bello Sguardo (pretty good Mediterranean food if you are in the area). Given the traffic it was much quicker and cheaper than a cab ride. Since I had my bike in the case, the restaurant was very cool and allowed me to store it in the coat check area (try doing that with a normal full size bike). After dinner we took a taxi back to the hotel. Again, the bike in its carrying case went easily in the trunk of the cab. At the hotel I went right through the lobby and into the elevator with the bike in its bag on my shoulder.

As my brother did not bring his bike, the next day was spent touring the city by foot. Though I missed it, it was at least good to know that it was safe in the hotel rather than locked outside. Sunday, I checked out the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, a 32-mile bike path that virtually circles the entire island. I highly recommend it. After my ride I cut back across to the Port Authority. I made the 2:00 bus back to Boston with no problems. Tired but satisfied, I was able to make one last ride home from South Station. I call my trip: Trains, Buses and Automobiles and I couldn’t have done it without my TX. Thanks


If that’s not a story about using your folding bike to your complete advantage I don’t know what is. After reading this story I looked into the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. A great map for the path can be found here at transalt.org and A brief history lesson and description can be located on the NYC Department of City Planning website.

(Note: For those not familiar with the Boston transit system the “T” is Boston’s version of the subway, also known as the “L” in Chicago, “Bart” in San Francisco and for those international travelers the “Metro” in Paris.)

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