While watching the rain and snow pile up outside the office last week, I had a chance to speak with Will W. Will is currently touring the beautiful island of Majorca (Mallorca), the largest island of Spain, located in the Mediterranean. With an incredible history, ruins on Mallorca date back over 8000 years. Today Mallorca is a tourist mecca. With miles of ridable roadways, it is also becoming a great place for cyclists to explore. Several professional cycling teams even use Mallorca as their winter/spring training grounds. While the island’s roadways are generally fine for riding, Will shared the following photograph with us demonstrating the need for a bike that can handle anything.



Mallorca Montague Switch Backs
“You need a real mountain bike to climb this mountain.” – Will W.
Will purchased a Montague MX and had it shipped to Mallorca to begin his trek. To carry his loaded panniers he chose a Blackburn rack which easily attached behind the seat of his bike. As the island encompasses 3,640 square kilometers, Will has taken the better part of the month to travel and sightsee. You can follow his excursions here as they are updated daily on Ridethisbike.com.

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