2011 Folding Bikes

No matter where you ride, streets, mountain or trails, with our full line of folding bikes you are sure to find the right bike for you. All of our bikes fold and can be used for commuting, travel, mountain biking, touring and other other kind of riding you can dream up.
2011 Fit Folding Bike Open
2011 Boston 8 folding bike open
2011 Navigator Folding Bike Open
2011 Boston folding bike open
2011 Crosstown folding bike open
2011 X90 folding bike open

Swissbike XO

2011 X70 folding bike open
Swissbike X70
2011 X50 folding bike open
Swissbike X50
2011 Paratrooper Pro Folding Bike Open

Paratrooper Pro

2011 Paratrooper folding bike open

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