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Montague Swissbike TX Review


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The SwissBike TX Mountain Bike (Pictured this page) is the more rugged of these two folding choices. With standard-size wheel and a large frame, the SwissBike can be treated line any other mountain bike, then packed up and thrown in the back of your plane for the ride home.

The TX is not as comfortable a cruiser as the DownTube, however, it provides much greater range of use. The 21-speed bicycle maintains the structural integrity of the frame and does not provide a fold-point therein. This is the source of the greater strength provided in the TX.

And rugged it is. We ran the TX through its paces around the Oshkosh area and it never flinched, though my back end was a little sore from the design of the seat. The bike folds to a compact size of 36” x 28” x 12” and the front wheel is stowed as a separate piece. While it is not as compact as the DownTube, it is small enough to transport in a car trunk or airplane baggage compartment.

The TX model pictured here retails for $699. More information can be found at www.montaguebikes.com

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