Trail Test: Montague Swissbike X-90 26″ Folding MTB

Montague X90 on

This Montague Swissbike X-90 fits none of these preconceptions. It is a serious attempt to engineer a product as capable as a regular bike, which can also fold and fit inside car boot, or be stashed in a bag and carried on board as luggage in a bus or a plane. After my testing I was pleased to findout that it really does deliver on all accounts.

“At speed, the descending was stable and confident. The narrow bars compensated somewhat for the relaxed geometry so the bike was far more flickable than expected from the slack steering angle. It also meant fitting into the gaps between the trees and bridge handrails was easier. The short top tube was actually an asset when the trail pointed down, giving the bike great technical descending ability over the tricky roll-downs on my local trail. The Montague really seemed to carve on the turns, and the bike felt really sound, firm, and well planted. At no time did I notice that I was riding a “folding” bike – it seemed every bit as solid as my regular hardtail.”


“This bike is no toy. It has many admirable qualities, not least of which is its confident descending ability.

It easily folds up and is opened out again just as quickly. It is refreshing to find a full-size bike with this capability, negating the need to make the handling, performance and safety sacrifices normally associated with smaller wheels.

It will especially suit the rider whose work requires travel and who wants to enjoy the local trails while away. The bike easily fits in the boot of a family sedan, and can be carried on to buses without drama.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the Montague – it certainly exceeded my expectations.”

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