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Montague Introduces 700c Folding Bikes, Revamps MTB Line

Bicycle Retailer Montague 700c Article

Cambridge, MA – Montague Corporation is going where no mainstream folding bike manufacturer has gone before – into the realm of 700c.

“We went back and forth on it,” said David Montague, founder and owner of Montague Corporation. But it came down to this simple thought, “What would be the folding bike that you would want to ride?”

The answer was 700c pavement bikes. Montague’s new line offers four new models including the Crosstown, the Boston, The Navigator and the FIT. They retail between $550 and $2,400.

“All of our new models offer a solid ride for all levels of riders, said sales manager Jonathan Vandenberg. “Our engineers have incorporated all of our patented technologies across our complete line of bikes to provide the cyclist with improved performance, portability and safety. These bikes are perfect for cyclists who want high performance but also want the flexibility of folding for travel, commuting and storage.”

If that wasn’t enought to tackle in one year, Montague decided it was time to revamp its entire folding mountain bike line, dropping its existing models for a new set. ” Our stuff was getting a bit dusty,” Montague said. “It was kind of getting stale.”

Its four new mountain bike models include the SwissBike X50, Paratrooper, SwissBike X70 and Swissbike XO. The launch of these new bikes coincides with Montague’s updated Web site that provides online visitors with new visual and and navigation features, as well as options for customer interaction and accessibility.

As was the case for many mainstream folding bike manufacturers, it was a good year for Montague. We were up 18 percent,” Montague said. “It was a little bit of a surprise.”

With the release of all these new bikes, Montague hopes to see 25 percent growth this year. Montague sees folding bikes as a market that will continue to thrive well into the future. “Some of our competitors are doing nice product,” Montague said. “The quality has come way up.”

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