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Cycle to the Grocery (and Eat Well Too)!

Tweet If you’re tired of looking for a spot in crowded supermarket parking lots, and spending almost as much money on gas as food, cycle to the grocery store instead! It saves you gas, it’s fun, and you get a work out on the way (so you can pick up some extra chocolate while you’re [...]
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Bike Commuting: Incentives

Tweet A definition: incentive  – comes from Middle English, from Late Latin incentivum, from neuter of incentivus stimulating, from Latin, setting the tune, from incentus, past participle of incinere to play (a tune), from in- + canere to sing – as defined by my dictionary. Bike Biz, a cycling industry publication recently served up this article on companies providing incentives for employees to cycle to work. “New [...]
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Folding Bikes on the Radio

Tweet We’ve mentioned this once or twice already, this past summer Montague Bikes partnered with Prime, Inc. to help transform driver health.  This has been covered in trucking industry publications and most recently on the radio! You can listen to last Thursday night’s broadcast of the Extreme Truckers Show here:  Montague Bikes are featured [...]
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Healthy Changes

Tweet The Familiar Story Say you’re on a road trip, your stomach starts to grumble. You keep driving for a bit. Maybe the car needs gas, maybe your friends or, let’s say the kids in the back start saying they’re hungry too. The road sign, or the GPS, or the app on your phone tells [...]
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Bicycles Changing Lives

Tweet   On the Radio Next week Montague Bikes will be on the radio. To be specific we’ll be guests on The Extreme Truckers Show, along with Siphiwe Baleka, Driver Fitness Coach for Prime, Inc and founder of Fitness Trucking. Mr. Baleka has been at the vanguard of changing the way the trucking industry looks [...]
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Changing Shape

Tweet Starting in late summer 2012, Montague Bikes and Prime, Inc. Trucking, based out of Springfield, MO, will be partnering to pioneer an advancement in the trucking industry, a sea change in health.  America relies on its trucking industry for economic success, but hundreds of hours behind the wheel add up; as a result long [...]
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For Whom the Red Light Turns

Tweet Recently an article ran in The New York Times Opinion Pages by Randy Cohen.  The author makes an argument that while running a red light may be illegal it is ethical by his considerations, as his actions could only injure himself.  He invokes Emmanuel Kant and continues to note the exceedingly great differences between [...]
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Tweet With the influx of cycling and new cyclists in our city and around the world, there are sadly more accidents -and bound to be more – as drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike acclimate to the new street dynamic.  Our emergency services must adjust as well; from police enforcement, to ambulances.  And in the aftermath of accidents, [...]
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Back to the Basics

Tweet Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and what should have been a routine commute home from work, class, or some other activity becomes a dramatic moment.  Accidents happen.  Sometimes they occur between bikes and cars, or with pedestrians.  Often times they could have been prevented with just some simple preparations, and remembering the [...]
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Past and Future Tense: Health of a Nation

Tweet Villages – Were We Started From Once upon a time, we started out in villages.  Well, obviously it’s a quite a bit more complex than that, but for our purposes we’re starting here.  In small communities you know the people who pass you on the street, things are near enough to get to simply, [...]
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