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What’s cool about cyclists? They don’t have to try.

Tweet Everyday I feel like I’m surrounded by people trying too hard to fit in or be ‘cool’. We live in a world of superficial satisfactions and temporary trends. Nothing valuable seems to last. Kids and teens especially, are too focused on the latest iPhone release, how many followers they have on twitter, or how […]
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Why Do Cyclists Shave Their Legs?

Tweet Most of you probably know that competitive road cyclists shave their legs. While the idea might sound crazy to you, there is in fact reasoning behind it. You’re probably used to legs being shaved for aesthetic purposes, but there are many other important reasons for a cyclists to make this decision. Professional cyclists have […]
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Cut the Fat – Ride a Bike

Tweet I heard a couple of interesting pieces of information on National Public Radio in the last 12 hours. The first is that obesity rates in the U.S. seem to have stabilized over the past 10 years: the 1980s and 90s saw a steady increase in obesity rates, but these remained pretty steady for the […]
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