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“Ohh, Look at You and Your Pink Bike…”

Tweet Since my office is located in Cambridge, MA  and I live on the South Shore in Hingham, my commute is fairly long. Actually, it is quite long.  My first couple of weeks of work I took the Commuter Rail to South Station, hopped on the Red Line to Central Square, and walked another 15 […]
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Levi’s Commuter Jeans Review

Tweet Last year, Levi’s premiered a line of clothing specially designed for the casual cyclist. When the majority of us swing a leg over our bicycle, we don’t don the Lycra first, so it’s important to have clothing that’s functional and practical both on and off the bike. Levi’s introduced a commuter parka, and a […]
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Montague Overhaul V: Track Cogs and Chains

Tweet Fixed gears have been popular as winter commuter bikes for years. Long before messenger culture brought them to the limelight in the early 2000′s, hardened winter riders chose them for their simplicity and added control in bad conditions. For the last two years, a single speed Montague Boston folding bike has been my commuter. […]
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Taking Back the Streets?

Tweet What you see above is an image of what the streets of San Jose, CA look like when mapped for ease of bike-ability.  Looks like a lot of islands doesn’t it? Islands Peter Furth, a civil and environmental engineering professor at Boston’s Northeastern University has co-authored a report from the Mineta Transportation Institute that examines […]
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For Whom the Red Light Turns

Tweet Recently an article ran in The New York Times Opinion Pages by Randy Cohen.  The author makes an argument that while running a red light may be illegal it is ethical by his considerations, as his actions could only injure himself.  He invokes Emmanuel Kant and continues to note the exceedingly great differences between […]
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