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Bike Safety Lessons from the UK

Tweet  Recent News It’s flashed across all the major media this week, especially in the UK. Olympic medalist and Tour de France winner Bradley “Wiggo” Wiggins was struck by a van. Then, not 15 hours later, in a separate incident, Olympic team trainer, Shane Sutton was involved in an accident with a automobile. Both men [...]
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Bike Commute: Tuscon Style

Tweet There’s an infrastructure first in Tuscon now, a bicycle crosswalk, or ‘crossbike’. Tuscon Velo recently explored this new piece of bike safety engineering. Of course we’ve all probably seen, at one point or another, a cyclist using the crosswalk to cross the road along with pedestrian traffic, but just about everywhere this is  frowned [...]
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Traffic and Helmet Hair

Tweet Coming home last week I saw a neighbor with a bandaged wrist and a neck brace. When asked what had occurred he said that he had been struck by a car while he was biking home on his new bike that night. The helmet saved his life he said. (And he was proud to [...]
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Not Just A Sport: Cycling as Transit

Tweet Changes in the Mediterranean In a followup to a report by the BBC earlier this week on bicycle sales in Italy surpassing auto sales, Martha White of TIME  tuned in with some further reaching reports from other parts of the world. TIME  reports that in parts of Europe where the economic crisis has hit most severely [...]
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Changing Lanes

Tweet Earlier this week we spoke briefly about the recent tragic deaths of Boston area cyclists in traffic accidents.  A great deal of conversation has been doing on as to the why… Cyclists must speak up. Boston Magazine associate editor Casey Lyons posted a blog entry on the recent tragedies in Boston cycling.  He asks cyclists to [...]
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Taking Back the Streets?

Tweet What you see above is an image of what the streets of San Jose, CA look like when mapped for ease of bike-ability.  Looks like a lot of islands doesn’t it? Islands Peter Furth, a civil and environmental engineering professor at Boston’s Northeastern University has co-authored a report from the Mineta Transportation Institute that examines [...]
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Light up the Night on your Bike

Tweet Although the days are getting longer, it’s still important to keep bike lights with you – you don’t want to get caught out after dark with no lighting. It’s illegal. It’s also super dangerous. (And no – reflectors are no substitute for proper lights). Besides – most states have a law that requires you [...]
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Hubway: Sharing is Caring

Tweet Today, July 28, Boston’s own Mayor Menino will take part in the inaugural Hubway ride – the new bike share system that is scheduled to be fully operational tomorrow, July 29. With stations located throughout downtown, and with plans to expand to other neighbourhoods as the success of program allows, Hubway will surely prove [...]
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Bike Commuters – neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night

Tweet With the shortest day of the year upon us, you may notice a growing number of cyclists in highlighter yellow outerwear. As a bike commuter, I am a big fan of such apparel. I don’t own any yet, but I feel that my first purchase is not far off. I’ve been bike commuting for [...]
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9 Cycling Tips to Help Keep You Safe on the Road

Tweet One of the great things about cycling is you can do it just about anywhere. You’ve read on this blog about Montague folding bikes flying and riding across Texas, riding through Alaska, competing in off-road triathlons and traversing the Iron Curtain trail.  A unique characteristic and certainly a big benefit of these adventures is [...]
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