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Understanding the Tour de France: A Beginner’s Guide

Tweet It’s that time of year again. We’re a full 11 stages into one of the longest, most difficult, and certainly well known bicycle races in the world, the Tour de France. For many, this may be the only time of year there is an opportunity to watch professional cycling. Unless you attend live, or [...]
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Options and Preferences

Tweet Part 3 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” In case you’re just tuning in, we’ve begun the adventure of a first time bike build – using a Montague folding frame as the start of a cyclocross (CX) build. How to know which one is right? Last time we talked about alloys, now [...]
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The Romance of the Alloys

Tweet Part 2 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” So whereas on this end I already know I’ll be starting out on a Montague frame, let’s say you wanted to go ahead and do a first time build yourself.  Where to begin?  Well most of us learn when we start out that this [...]
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Let’s Start from the Very Beginning

Tweet Part 1 in the “CX First Timer Custom-Build Experiment” Before your bike, or my bike (or anyone’s bike for that matter) was rolling down the road it had to be built.  (In this instance we’re not discussing welds and alloys per se, but more the actual fitting together of components into a recognizable vehicle [...]
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Tour de Suisse Recap

Tweet It was an exciting finish to the 76th edition of the Tour de Suisse on Sunday. The race leader, Rui Costa (a Portugese rider for the Spanish team, Movistar) had a 14 second lead over Luxembourger rider Frank Schleck. The 9th and final stage featured two HC climbs, and on the first one, Scheck [...]
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Climb Every Mountain: The Tour de Suisse Starts Tomorrow

Tweet Who knew there were so many bike races? Here in the U.S., we only get coverage of the Tour de France and, more recently, the Tour of California. In Olympic years (like this one) we might get coverage of the road race, if an American medals in it. But even then it’s usually just [...]
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Amgen Tour of California Wrap-Up

Tweet Well, another Tour of California has come and gone. And it sure was an exciting one. In case you missed it (and unless you get NBC SportsNet or are an avid cycling fan and found internet coverage, you did miss it), it was definitely one of the more exciting races in recent memory. Why, [...]
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AMGEN Tour of California Starts Sunday

Tweet May is a great month for cycling – not just because the weather has finally warmed up and dried out in most of the country, but because some of the biggest, most prestigious bike races (outside of the Tour de France) take place in This Sunday, May 13th, the 7th edition of the AMGEN [...]
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World Champion Cyclist talks with the Folding Bikes Blog

Tweet While we here at Montague and the Folding Bikes Blog concentrate on certain aspects of cycling more than others, we still like to take the occasional foray into areas we don’t focus on as much. We do a lot of commuting and recreational cycling, but we also harbor an avid interest in bike racing. [...]
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Interbike is Upon Us!

Tweet Just when you thought there weren’t enough exciting things to do in Las Vegas, along comes interbike – the largest bicycle trade show in North America. Interbike brings folks together from every corner of the cycling industry – you get everything from bikes to clothing, panniers to components – if it’s about bikes, it’s [...]
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