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UK Cycle Routes Proven to Reduce Car Trips

Tweet Over the past 5 years, a project in the UK funded by the National Lottery, has built 84 cycling and walking routes designed to encourage people to leave the car at home and ride or walk for short journeys. The new paths expanded the UK’s existing National Cycle Network, which includes over 14,000 miles [...]
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Encounters with Nature

Tweet Taking a slight pause from the cyclocross build series… Encounters with Nature Sometimes when you ride, just for the sake of riding, you end up further afield than you had originally planned – and sometimes it gets dark.  Lacking superhero vision capacity I have a powerful front light for just these occasions.  But even when [...]
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Use a Folding Bike to Combat Sedentariness

Tweet A recent study conducted by MSN found Lexington KY to be the most sedentary city in the U.S. They reached this conclusion by comparing how many hours of physical activity people reported, how much cable TV they watched, how many video games they purchased, as well as the deaths caused by deep vein thrombosis, [...]
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Following the Pros with Your Folding Bike: Tour de Romandie

Tweet The Race: Tour of Romandie This week, April 26th-May 1st, is the Tour de Romandie. Romandie is the primarily French-speaking western part of Switzerland. The Tour de Romandie is different from the races we’ve been to so far, because it takes place over multiple days. Instead of taking place on a single day, the [...]
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A Valentine’s Day Poem for the Folding Bicycle

Tweet I love the folding bicycles That are made by Montague, They’re so easy to just fold and go That you might want one too. I love my bike’s performance And I love that it is portable, And compared to similar non-folding bikes, It’s so light and so affordable. But my bike can fold up [...]
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7 Tips to Extend Your Bike Riding Season

Tweet Here in the northeast the mornings are starting to get frosty but the days are still comfortable, the foliage is beautiful and there is plenty of great riding to do. If the climate is getting cooler where you live, don’t let the temperatures keep you from enjoying your bike as late into the season [...]
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Bike Safety 101: Back to the Basics

Tweet A good friend of mine, Wes, got hit by a car this weekend while riding his bike and broke his pelvis in three places.  He’s going to be spending the rest of the summer in bed or in a wheelchair and will need extensive physical therapy and pins in his leg to start walking [...]
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Boston vs. Los Angeles Face Off in Basketball and in Bikes!

Tweet As we are a Boston based company, I’d like to kick this post off by saying “GO CELTICS!”  We, as a folding bike company, always enjoy a little healthy competition and thought we’d take this rivalry one step further – from basketball to cycling – we’re here to compare which is better: Boston or [...]
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Montague Folding Bike Riders’ Favorite Places to Ride

Tweet First off, I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to all the Montague Cyclists for your input on your favorite places to ride!  We love hearing your experiences riding your Montague Bike and encourage all of you to keep the feedback coming! Today, I’d like to feature John G. from Delaware who rode [...]
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Where to Bike with Montague Bikes: San Diego

Tweet When I think of San Diego I think of two things: one-the zoo and two- Will Farrell in Anchorman.  The second is, unfortunately, not appropriate for this blog, but “YouTube” it anyway.    Nonetheless, Montague Bikes continues its “Where to Bike with Montague” series with San Diego, California. So acrobatic animals is something you [...]
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