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Bike to Vote?

Tweet In the U.S., today is election day. Whatever one’s political leanings, the governing structure of the U.S. is based on participation, so we go out and vote. We biked to vote today, how about you? Unless you vote by absentee ballot, you’ll probably find yourself headed off to a neighboring school, fire station, or [...]
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Bike Commuting: Incentives

Tweet A definition: incentive  – comes from Middle English, from Late Latin incentivum, from neuter of incentivus stimulating, from Latin, setting the tune, from incentus, past participle of incinere to play (a tune), from in- + canere to sing – as defined by my dictionary. Bike Biz, a cycling industry publication recently served up this article on companies providing incentives for employees to cycle to work. “New [...]
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Get on the Bandwagon

Tweet Has your state gotten on the bandwagon? Or perhaps better worded as bike-wagon? As our part of the east coast starts to pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Sandy, we have found the thoughts of sunny days returning and beautiful bike rides to be a sustaining source of optimism. The above link goes [...]
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How to Bike Commute Safely

Tweet   Born of Dream and Desire to Bike I want to be a bike commuter. I don’t want to have to sit in traffic. I want to save some more money. I’d like to lose some weight. Being able to take the train sometimes would still be helpful… But I don’t know anything about [...]
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City Cycling Ways

Tweet Bikenomics? New York City’s seeing some changes, quantifiable ones too, and they’re coming from bicycling. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the good sense of cycling and economics. The report found that in places where New York City had implemented bike lanes, complete streets, and traffic calming that local businesses were thriving. (The data did [...]
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How To Bike Commute in the Summer

Tweet Every winter, there is a plethora of blogs offering information and advice to winter commuters – what to wear, how to cope with road conditions, and how to keep the bike going through ice and snow. Then spring rolls around and everyone breathes a huge sigh of relief, and if they haven’t been riding [...]
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Happy Mothers’ Day: Why Don’t More Women Ride Bikes?

Tweet Yesterday was Mothers’ Day. Whether you saw your mum yesterday or not, think about her for a minute. Does she ride a bike? Not can she, but does she? To work? Or to the store? On a regular basis? If you live in North America, the answer is probably no. In the U.S., only [...]
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Are Fenders Right for You?

Tweet For transportation cyclists, fenders aren’t a strict necessity, but they are an incredibly functional accessory for any city rider or commuter. Fenders (or “mudguards” as people outside the U.S. call them) are what will keep you from having a skunk stripe on your backside if you ride in the rain, and a front fender [...]
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The Bard and the Bike, Act II: A Winter’s Tale and Hamlet

Tweet If you are a regular reader of this blog, you may remember that back in October, we had a post where one of Shakespeare’s famous speeches from the Merchant of Venice was re-worked to reflect the conflict between cyclists and drivers. One of the reasons Shakespeare has endured over the centuries is that his [...]
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