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The Essentials – Tools to Ride With

Tweet If you’re a regular bike commuter, you know that bikes need maintenance, adjustments, and from time to time, parts just break. There’s nothing worse than being stuck far from home without a patch kit, extra tube, or the proper tool to tighten that loose stem bolt. I always ride with my messenger bag and [...]
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Options and Preferences

Tweet Part 3 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” In case you’re just tuning in, we’ve begun the adventure of a first time bike build – using a Montague folding frame as the start of a cyclocross (CX) build. How to know which one is right? Last time we talked about alloys, now [...]
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Can Better Infrastructure put us on the Path to a New Cycle?

Tweet As we’ve been discussing recently, it’s not easy to be a cyclist on the streets of an American city – cars and bikes are too often competing for the same space, bikes are travelling on roads that have not been designed with them in mind (e.g. bike lanes that place riders squarely in the [...]
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No Car Diet? Let’s Try It!

Tweet ZipCar wants it both ways. On the one hand, they’re trying to get people on board with a Low Car Diet by encouraging them to walk, bike, take public transportation, or rent a ZipCar, instead of using their personal vehicles. It’s a great idea, because it helps people realize that they don’t need to [...]
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The Bard and the Bike: A Plea for Tolerance

Tweet I don’t know what it’s like in the rest of the world these days, but in Boston, at least, it seems that drivers are becoming angrier. I am an experienced, conscientious, law-abiding cyclist, but recently, it is with alarming frequency that drivers have yelled at me to “Get out of the road” (which, by [...]
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Australian Cadel Evans Wins Tour de France

Tweet The Tour de France, which began on Saturday, July 2, finished yesterday, Sunday July 24. Cadel Evans of BMC became the first Australian to win the Tour in the race’s 108-year history, and the second oldest (at age 34) in the post-war era. Evans finished the tour with a time of 86h12m22s, 1m34s ahead [...]
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Eurobike 2010 Setup and Day 1

Tweet If you follow us on Twitter or are a fan on our Facebook page then you likely know that we are attending Eurobike in Germany, the largest bicycle trade show in the world with more than 40,000 people expected to attend over four days. After a long flight to Germany, two very long days [...]
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What is #bikeschool?

Tweet I’ve got one of our Twitter friends @bikerly to thank for this post.  He, along with @lovingthebike and @egggman (yep, 3) Tweeted at the end of July about a #secretevilplan, and that’s how #bikeschool was born.  What is this #secretevilplan, you ask? It’s… “Short stories of (real human) lessons learned by bike. Blogged or [...]
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Ride Report: Tri State Trek 2010 on the FIT folding bike

Tweet It now being Friday, I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep and work on replenishing my system with coffee and water, and I can now look back on the Tri State Trek with a semi-clear mind. Day One The ride started off a little rocky-I stayed up late the night [...]
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New Fun Fashions for the Style-Conscious Folding Bike Rider

Tweet Ladies: are you style-conscious on your bike?  Kudos to my step-mom, Sara Walker, for finding these fabulous cycling accessories! Who says you have to sacrifice style while cycling?!  These fun colored accessories will certainly turn some heads this summer.  Though they are mostly through NYC based companies, all of these products are available online.  I [...]
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