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About Montague Bikes

The Montague support team is available to help you with your pre-purchase questions, your order, and your post-purchase needs. We can be reached in a number of different ways and are here to assist you in any way possible.

About Folding Bikes - City Bikes - Foldable Bicycle

About Montague Bikes

Have a question about our folding bikes? Need to place an order or tell us how awesome our folding bikes are? Right this way please.
Montague is a fun and innovative place to work. Learn about what opportunities exist to become part of the Montague folding bike team.
Which came first? The folding or the bike? We have a long and unique history that has resulted in an awesome folding bike.
With MIT roots, the engineers behind the gears design and develop the Montague Bikes with an understanding and love for bikes.
folding bike dealer locator Click here to find a dealer near you, or call us at 1-800-736-5348 USA |
1-617-491-7200 Int’l.


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