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Montague Overhaul VI: Brakes

Tweet I’m nearing the end of my custom Montague build. Most of the parts are in place and it’s now time to install a brake. Fixed gear bikes give you a tremendous amount of control with just your legs. You can easily regulate your speed and come to a stop without even touching a brake, [...]
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Montague Overhaul V: Track Cogs and Chains

Tweet Fixed gears have been popular as winter commuter bikes for years. Long before messenger culture brought them to the limelight in the early 2000′s, hardened winter riders chose them for their simplicity and added control in bad conditions. For the last two years, a single speed Montague Boston folding bike has been my commuter. [...]
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Montague Boston Overhaul II: Headset

Tweet If you’re anything like me, working on your bike is half the fun of owning it. Sure, you can have a bike shop do maintenance for you, and if it’s a big job requiring specialty tools, this might be a good idea. For me, I want to know every part of my bike inside [...]
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Urban Velo

Tweet The Montague Boston frameset was featured on Urban Velo yesterday.  As part of the upcoming frameset program offering for 2013, Urban Velo took a look at this folding frame with track drop outs.   We’ll be releasing more details at next week’s InterBike, so stay tuned, or if you’re in Las Vegas – stop [...]
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I Want to Hold Your Hand: Handlebars

Tweet Part 5 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” Admittedly the name handlebar is a little misleading; they’re actually tubes, only the very early bikes had an actual steel bar – think how heavy that would be! So Many Flavors Handlebars come in many flavors, each with their own devotees, advantages, and disadvantages. [...]
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The Flip-Flop Hub: Fixed vs Free

Tweet If you ride the Montague Boston, or if you’re interested in the bike, you may already know about one of its more interesting features: the flip-flop rear wheel. The Boston is a single speed bike, which means no gears and no derailleur. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t get a little bit of [...]
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Should Cyclists and Motorists be Subject to the Same Laws?

Tweet Bikes are different than cars: bikes have only two wheels; bikes are smaller and travel at slower speeds; people who ride bikes (cyclists) are not required to be a certain minimum age, pass a test, have a license, or register or insure their bicycles; there are no laws regulating the training of cyclists as [...]
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Folding Bikes Around The World

Tweet Montague customers continually amaze me with the stories they so graciously share with us. We hear from people all over the world who use their Montague bikes on all kinds of adventures. Here are just a few of the adventures we’ve heard about recently. Bob Bob bought his Montague SwissBike LX that he could [...]
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9 Cycling Tips to Help Keep You Safe on the Road

Tweet One of the great things about cycling is you can do it just about anywhere. You’ve read on this blog about Montague folding bikes flying and riding across Texas, riding through Alaska, competing in off-road triathlons and traversing the Iron Curtain trail.  A unique characteristic and certainly a big benefit of these adventures is [...]
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