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Watch Out for the Unexpected: Bike Safety

Tweet The general tips for bike safety are well known among bike commuters, but there are often dangerous scenarios that arise even when you follow the rules of the road.  Unfortunately, some drivers don’t know the laws regarding bikes, they do unexpected things, or simply don’t see you. It’s important to be aware of these [...]
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2013′s New Year’s Revolutions

Tweet   2013 promises to be a great year. It’s the first time in 26 years (since 1987), that the year has no repeating numbers. In the Chinese calendar, 2013 is the year of the snake. And Montague has some exciting things planned for 2013… Folding Frames At long last, Montague is making it even [...]
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Tools of the Trade

Tweet Tools of the trade. In a mechanic’s shop you’ll see walls and drawers of tools, shelves of components, it’s a treasure trove; with these resources you can handle anything.  When you’re on your bike it is certainly a good idea to be similarly prepared for the unexpected things the road can throw at you [...]
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Back to the Basics

Tweet Sometimes things don’t go according to plan and what should have been a routine commute home from work, class, or some other activity becomes a dramatic moment.  Accidents happen.  Sometimes they occur between bikes and cars, or with pedestrians.  Often times they could have been prevented with just some simple preparations, and remembering the [...]
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Local Considerations: Commuting gracefully

Tweet Yesterday we spoke of considerations from our old friends across the pond in the UK.  Today we have local considerations. In a local Massachusetts publication, suitably entitled Wicked Local, there is a handy advice article written jointly by Newton, MA Police Captain, Howard Mintz and Newton Bicycle Coordinator, Lois Levin: “How to drive (with [...]
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I Want to Hold Your Hand: Handlebars

Tweet Part 5 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” Admittedly the name handlebar is a little misleading; they’re actually tubes, only the very early bikes had an actual steel bar – think how heavy that would be! So Many Flavors Handlebars come in many flavors, each with their own devotees, advantages, and disadvantages. [...]
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Happy Mothers’ Day: Why Don’t More Women Ride Bikes?

Tweet Yesterday was Mothers’ Day. Whether you saw your mum yesterday or not, think about her for a minute. Does she ride a bike? Not can she, but does she? To work? Or to the store? On a regular basis? If you live in North America, the answer is probably no. In the U.S., only [...]
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Are Fenders Right for You?

Tweet For transportation cyclists, fenders aren’t a strict necessity, but they are an incredibly functional accessory for any city rider or commuter. Fenders (or “mudguards” as people outside the U.S. call them) are what will keep you from having a skunk stripe on your backside if you ride in the rain, and a front fender [...]
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Bicycle Commuting as an Urban Safari

Tweet One of the best things about cycling, even in winter, is that it brings you closer to your surroundings than car travel or public transportation. You might wonder how close you want to be to your surroundings in the middle of winter, but here in Boston, it’s been unusually mild and snow-less (and for [...]
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World Car Free Day: September 22

Tweet This Thursday, September 22, Boston joins 1000 cities in 40 countries worldwide in celebrating World Car Free Day. An initiative of the World Car Free Network, an organization that promotes getting out of the car and onto, or into, alternative forms of transportation, World Car Free Day is a great opportunity to take advantage [...]
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