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Paradise City?

Tweet We’re in the Paper! An article entitled “Biking to the Future in Boston” by Peter DeMarco appeared in the recent The Boston Globe Magazine.… …and guess who’s representing on the front?  Team Montague (denoted by the fuchsia arrow)! [Copyright belongs to The N.Y. Times Co. for The Boston Globe Magazine] The photograph is from [...]
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Encounters with Nature

Tweet Taking a slight pause from the cyclocross build series… Encounters with Nature Sometimes when you ride, just for the sake of riding, you end up further afield than you had originally planned – and sometimes it gets dark.  Lacking superhero vision capacity I have a powerful front light for just these occasions.  But even when [...]
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Fun Things to do with your Folding Bike

Tweet Here at Montague we tend to focus on how great our folding bikes are for commuting – since they’re so easy to put in the trunk of your car or take on the train, they make bike commuting a viable option, even if you live too far from work to ride your bike the [...]
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Following the Pros with Your Folding Bike: Tour de Romandie

Tweet The Race: Tour of Romandie This week, April 26th-May 1st, is the Tour de Romandie. Romandie is the primarily French-speaking western part of Switzerland. The Tour de Romandie is different from the races we’ve been to so far, because it takes place over multiple days. Instead of taking place on a single day, the [...]
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Cycling Loses Key Member of Congress – What We Do Now

Tweet There are some topics that cross political lines. Cycling is one of them. While politicians may disagree on the laws that govern cyclists or how to best allocate resources for more cycling friendly infrastructure, everyone can agree that having more people ride bikes is a good thing.  There are politicians who are more vocal than others [...]
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7 Tips to Extend Your Bike Riding Season

Tweet Here in the northeast the mornings are starting to get frosty but the days are still comfortable, the foliage is beautiful and there is plenty of great riding to do. If the climate is getting cooler where you live, don’t let the temperatures keep you from enjoying your bike as late into the season [...]
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Ride Report: Tri State Trek 2010 on the FIT folding bike

Tweet It now being Friday, I was able to catch up on some much needed sleep and work on replenishing my system with coffee and water, and I can now look back on the Tri State Trek with a semi-clear mind. Day One The ride started off a little rocky-I stayed up late the night [...]
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Following Kate Down The Iron Curtain Trail

Tweet We have had the very special opportunity to follow Kate Trennery as she rides her Montague folding bike down the Iron Curtain Trail from Travemünde, Germany to the Danube River.  Kate is a Junior History and Media Studies dual major at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. This year, she received the Edward H. “Ted” [...]
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Boston’s MBTA expands Bike Coach program to give cyclists more traveling options!

Tweet Who needs bike coaches when you have a Montague Folding Bike? Still, we fully appreciate the extra portability and convenience of the The Bike Coach rail cars that are available on the MBTA Newburyport and Rockport commuter rail lines on weekends and holidays.  These coaches will run through Columbus Day! That’s October 12 in [...]
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Bike Safety 101: Back to the Basics

Tweet A good friend of mine, Wes, got hit by a car this weekend while riding his bike and broke his pelvis in three places.  He’s going to be spending the rest of the summer in bed or in a wheelchair and will need extensive physical therapy and pins in his leg to start walking [...]
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