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Montague Overhaul VI: Brakes

Tweet I’m nearing the end of my custom Montague build. Most of the parts are in place and it’s now time to install a brake. Fixed gear bikes give you a tremendous amount of control with just your legs. You can easily regulate your speed and come to a stop without even touching a brake, [...]
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Montague Boston Overhaul III: Wheels!

Tweet The next step for my custom Montague folding bike is a new wheelset. With horizontal, track style dropouts, and 120mm hub spacing, the Boston is made specifically for use as a single speed. The stock version comes with a flip flop hub; a freewheel on one side, a fixed cog on the other. You can [...]
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Montague Boston Overhaul II: Headset

Tweet If you’re anything like me, working on your bike is half the fun of owning it. Sure, you can have a bike shop do maintenance for you, and if it’s a big job requiring specialty tools, this might be a good idea. For me, I want to know every part of my bike inside [...]
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A Bicycle How-To How-To

Tweet If you ride a bicycle, you’ve probably noticed that every once in a while, your bike needs a little love. This can be anything from minor adjustments to the cables and brake pads to overhauling the bearing systems, from replacing parts to truing wheels, and everything in between. Even if you’re comfortable doing the [...]
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As Spring Unfolds…

Tweet Yesterday was the first time in months I’ve ridden my bike in a t-shirt and riding home on by far nicest day we’ve had this year I realized that Spring is finally here! For a lot of you “fair weather” cyclists out there, this means you can finally get back on your bike without the [...]
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A Bike Commuter’s Toolkit Essentials

Tweet Commuting by bike is a great way to stay healthy, do your part to save the environment and save money on car payments, gas and insurance costs. On top of that, a bike is significantly less expensive to maintain and easier to repair than a car when something goes wrong. Don’t want to give [...]
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