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 How does a Montague compare to other folding bicycles?
 In terms of performance, how does a Montague compare to non-folding bicycles?
 How do your bikes fold?
 How is Montague's folding system different from that of other folding bike manufacturers?
 Is the frame strength or rigidity compromised by the folding feature?
 What is the folded size of the bicycle?
 How much do your bikes weigh?
 Where can I test ride a Montague?
 Why should I buy a Montague?
 Do Montague bikes follow the same sizing parameters as non-folding bikes?
 Are folding pedals available? Why aren't they included with the bike?
  Is a kickstand available?
 Do industry standard racks and fenders work on a Montague?
 Where can I buy replacement parts and accessories?
  Do you custom-make any folding bicycles?
 How well does a Montague hold up in a saltwater environment?
 Where's the best place to purchase a Montague bike?
 Is there a warranty on your bicycles? What does it cover and how long does it last?
  How often should I get my Montague tuned?
 Do you have a number I can call when I have questions or need help with my bicycle?
 Do you make children's bikes?
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