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Bike Safety Lessons from the UK

Tweet  Recent News It’s flashed across all the major media this week, especially in the UK. Olympic medalist and Tour de France winner Bradley “Wiggo” Wiggins was struck by a van. Then, not 15 hours later, in a separate incident, Olympic team trainer, Shane Sutton was involved in an accident with a automobile. Both men […]
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Bike Commuting: Incentives

Tweet A definition: incentive  – comes from Middle English, from Late Latin incentivum, from neuter of incentivus stimulating, from Latin, setting the tune, from incentus, past participle of incinere to play (a tune), from in- + canere to sing – as defined by my dictionary. Bike Biz, a cycling industry publication recently served up this article on companies providing incentives for employees to cycle to work. “New […]
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Not Just A Sport: Cycling as Transit

Tweet Changes in the Mediterranean In a followup to a report by the BBC earlier this week on bicycle sales in Italy surpassing auto sales, Martha White of TIME  tuned in with some further reaching reports from other parts of the world. TIME  reports that in parts of Europe where the economic crisis has hit most severely […]
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