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Single Track on a Montague: West Thompson Lake

Tweet After putting in some road miles this past Saturday, I headed to Northeast Connecticut on Sunday morning to do some mountain biking. A friend who lives there decided we should explore the trails around West Thompson Lake. If you know the area, it’s just off I-395 in the Northeast most corner of state. Thompson [...]
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Outside Providence: A Road Ride on the Montague FIT

Tweet The near perfect weather we had in New England over the weekend was begging us to get out and ride our bikes. I found myself in Providence on Saturday visiting a friend, so he took me on one of his favorite rides along the Providence river and down to the harbor in Bristol, RI. [...]
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Tour of the Americas: Ecuador

Tweet After our adventures in Colombia, we crossed into Ecuador via the small village of Tulcan. Needing an inexpensive place to stay for the evening, we ended up in a hotel which charged us per 12 hours – instead of per 24. You can already imagine which kind of hotel this was… From here we [...]
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Tour of the Americas: Colombia

Tweet In Colombia we ‘enjoyed’ the first days in Cartagena, where we mostly spent our time doing paperwork to get our car out of port. Paperwork is not at all an enjoyment, but Cartagena has a lot of life and is quite a beautiful city. After a quick stop at Volcan de Totumo for a [...]
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Montague Tour of the Americas: Honduras to Panama

Tweet A guest post from Alex and Mireia; traveling the Americas with a Land Cruiser and 2 Montague folding bikes. Our first stop in Honduras is Copan Ruinas, near the border. This tiny village is an excellent base to set up camp while visiting the similarly named ruins of Copan, which are absolutely spectacular. The [...]
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Taipei Cycle Show Recap

Tweet Earlier this month, Asia’s largest bike exhibition, the Taipei Cycle Show took place in Taipei, Taiwan. Montague made the trip over to exhibit our full size folding bikes to the world, and we want to give you an inside look at our trip. After almost 24 hours of travel and a stopover in Tokyo, [...]
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Montague Tour of the Americas: Belize

Tweet Ever wanted to pack up your bikes and go to Belize for a ride through the jungle? Take a look! Although we’ve only spent five days in Belize, we have been pleasantly surprised for two reasons: first, the people. Belize is a truly mixed country with people from Mexico and Guatemala, Mayans, Mennonites (descendants [...]
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Tour of the Americas: Farewell Mexico

Tweet This week: a guest post from Mireia and Alex, our friends traveling the America’s with their Montague bikes. They’ve just enjoyed their last days in Mexico before entering Belize. Here at Montague HQ, we’re feeling a bit envious of their experience… and their warm weather! Here’s a comparison of their situation, and ours here [...]
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A Bike Tour of Martha’s Vineyard: In Winter!

Tweet After feasting on Thanksgiving last Thursday, I really wanted to take a nice long bike ride the next day to burn off the extra calories. I decided to go with some friends to Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful island full of history which is located off the South coast of Massachusetts. It’s a popular vacation [...]
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Montague Tour of the Americas: Mexico III

Tweet After being isolated for some time, our friends traveling the Americas with their Montague Bikes, Mireia and Alex, finally found some reliable internet to update us. Since they’re last transmission they’ve made their way to Southern Mexico. They’ve been in this country for a month and a half so far, and they’re clearly loving [...]
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