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Montague Tour of the Americas: Belize

Tweet Ever wanted to pack up your bikes and go to Belize for a ride through the jungle? Take a look! Although we’ve only spent five days in Belize, we have been pleasantly surprised for two reasons: first, the people. Belize is a truly mixed country with people from Mexico and Guatemala, Mayans, Mennonites (descendants [...]
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A Bike Tour of Martha’s Vineyard: In Winter!

Tweet After feasting on Thanksgiving last Thursday, I really wanted to take a nice long bike ride the next day to burn off the extra calories. I decided to go with some friends to Martha’s Vineyard, a beautiful island full of history which is located off the South coast of Massachusetts. It’s a popular vacation [...]
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NYCeWheels: Thanks, Montague!

Tweet A special treat for you today: a guest post by our friends at NYCeWheels! Hi Montague, We here at NYCeWheels just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for providing us with such awesome bikes to sell for these last several years. In the world of quality folding bikes, full-sized wheels are [...]
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Are you a bike-riding dog lover?

Tweet Riding a bike and bringing my dog along to enjoy the experience is one of my favorite activities. If you’re a dog owner, you know it’s important that your dog (and you) get regular exercise, and if you’re a cyclist, what better way to accomplish this for the both of you. It’s important to [...]
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Would you dress in Tweed for a bike rally?

Tweet All you have to do is dress up in traditional British cycling attire.  Easy and fun, don’t you think? Since the first official “Tweed Run”, held in London back in January 2009, popularity of the event has continued to grow, so much so that the number of competitors is usually limited, and almost always [...]
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Memorial Day Weekend in DC

Tweet This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day in the US, a holiday to honor the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. What better way to spend it than visiting the U.S. capital? On Friday afternoon I folded my Montague bike, stashed it in the trunk, and went [...]
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Journey into the Unknown

Tweet We’ve been talking about commuting recently, this adventure is a byproduct of bike commuting growing into a greater love of cycling. November Adventure This past weekend I undertook an adventure a long time in the making. Since becoming a more and more enthusiastic cyclist, moving from mostly just commuting to and from work to [...]
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Bikes Thrive Where Least Expected

Tweet Maybe you’ve heard about the bike lanes in New York, bike shares taking off across the world, and the other cycling headlines. “Sure, that’s great for them – all this bicycle hullabaloo  But that’s not happening where I live,” you might think. But prepare to be pleasantly surprised; bikes are making a difference in places [...]
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Tour de Somerville: Edge of the City Tour

Tweet In the town next door to Montague HQ there is a vibrant bicycle group, the Somerville Bicycle Committee. Each year for the past 20 years they have hosted the Tour de Somerville, this year’s theme was the “Edge of the City Tour” which was just that – a group bicycle ride around the city [...]
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Folding Adventure: Journey to Maine

Tweet A new Montague owner in Maine sent in this recent trip taken with their new Paratroopers!  “My husband and I live on a remote island off the coast of Maine and like to explore the coast in our small lobster boat. We saw a description of the Montague bikes in an issue of  BoatU.S. [...]
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