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Check It Before You Ride It

Tweet As the expression usually goes: Check it before you wreck it. It’s important to be sure your bike is safe each and every time you ride it. Too many of us go days or weeks, regularly riding our bike, but never giving an ounce of thought to its condition or necessary maintenance. Here are [...]
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Front Derailleur Adjustment

Tweet Any bike with multiple chainrings uses a front derailleur to shift between them. In order to get smooth, accurate shifting, and avoid chain rub, it’s important to have your front derailleur properly adjusted. There are a few adjustments that can be made to the derailleur, and with the right tools you can do this [...]
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Adjusting Mechanical Disc Brakes

Tweet Disc brakes have long been the preferred brake design for modern mountain bikes, they’re gaining popularity for cyclocross, and they’re finally available on road bikes. The braking force is applied to a disc that is bolted directly to the hub. They provide more stopping power, and better performance in bad weather than traditional rim [...]
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Bicycle Valve Caps: Are They Important?

Tweet The valve cap… yes, that small piece of plastic that screws onto the valve, apparently useless, that  almost always ends up lost somewhere in the world. The truth is that if your bike uses Schrader valves, the caps really are useful, much more than you think. Their main purpose is to help keep dust [...]
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Go Pro Camera Mount: How To

Tweet You’ve probably seen the portable Go Pro cameras on the market. They’re very easy to mount on a helmet or handlebars to capture riding footage, but we wanted a perspective that would show the bike as well. For this we put together a homemade bracket to mount our Go Pro on the rear axle. [...]
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Hydraulic Road Calipers

Tweet The other day we discussed disc brakes on road bikes, which seems to be the next big thing coming to the world of competitive road cycling. Not everyone is on board though, as they are a bit heavier than traditional road calipers, and to be honest, people are simply resistant to change. So for [...]
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FIT Custom: Disc Brake Compatible

Tweet Montague frame sets are now in stock, and the FIT Custom has a brand new addition; a carbon fork with disc brake mounts. The next step in the evolution of the road bike is on the horizon: disc brakes. We’ve seen them on mountain bikes for years now, in fact 4 of Montague’s 5 [...]
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Montague Custom Build: Time Lapse

Tweet Montague folding frame sets are finally in stock! People like to have things their way, and for the first time, you can have your folding bike just the way you want it. Other folding bikes use small wheels, and several proprietary parts, limiting your ability to customize them. Montague bikes allow the use of any [...]
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Montague Quick Release Fender Installation

Tweet Two of our folding bike models, the Navigator and the Boston 8, feature quick release fenders on the front and rear. Fenders are an absolute necessity if you’re riding in foul weather, but even a wet road after the rain can leave you with soggy shoes and pants if you don’t have the proper protection. Our [...]
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Montague Overhaul VIII: Saddles and Saddle Position

Tweet Over the past few weeks, I’ve given you a step by step look at building a completely custom, fixed gear folding bike. Today I’m going to put the finishing touches on with a new seatpost and saddle, and talk a bit about proper saddle positioning. Saddles are perhaps the most often replaced or customized [...]
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