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Where to Park? Answer: Park & Pedal

Tweet Where do I park?! It’s an age old question when you’re driving a car into the city. In most metropolitan areas, you’re going to need some luck to find convenient parking. The best way to avoid a parking disaster is to plan ahead, and we have a plan for you: Park & Pedal. Getting [...]
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Women Leaders in the World of Cycling

Tweet International Women’s Day is this Saturday, March 8th. No better time to recognize the women in this industry who are passionate about cycling and play a major role in the development of cyclists. There’s always been something intriguing about powerful women who make a difference, especially in the cycling industry which is heavily populated [...]
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What’s cool about cyclists? They don’t have to try.

Tweet Everyday I feel like I’m surrounded by people trying too hard to fit in or be ‘cool’. We live in a world of superficial satisfactions and temporary trends. Nothing valuable seems to last. Kids and teens especially, are too focused on the latest iPhone release, how many followers they have on twitter, or how [...]
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Repurposed Bike Parts: Getting Creative

Tweet There are a lot of parts on a bicycle that need to be replaced regularly; tires, tubes, chains, brake cables, you name it. When old parts are swapped out for shiny new replacements, they often end up in a scrap heap or a bin in your basement never to be seen again, but it [...]
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Bikes Make the Front Page in Boston

Tweet Here in Montague’s hometown of Boston, bikes are making news. We’ve had our fair share of snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures this winter, and the Boston Globe has taken note that we’re still out there riding! On the front page of today’s Globe is a feature titled, “Welcoming The Winter Cycle”. The article celebrates [...]
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The New Cycle Courier: E-Trikes for UPS

Tweet We all know the classic image of the cycle courier, the hardened bike messenger who rides day in and day out to deliver the most time critical of packages. Accustomed to rain, sleet, and bitter cold, no stranger to aggressive drivers and shouting matches with cabbies. While bike messenger jobs have been on the [...]
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The Many Uses of Pedal Power

Tweet Bicycles can be used for transportation, fitness, recreation, and for those with a little imagination, a whole lot more. Pedal powered vehicles have been turned into shops, pubs, food carts, and perhaps most surprisingly… a venue for pole dancing. We’ll get to that one later. Let’s take a look at these unique uses of [...]
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Tour of the Americas: Farewell Mexico

Tweet This week: a guest post from Mireia and Alex, our friends traveling the America’s with their Montague bikes. They’ve just enjoyed their last days in Mexico before entering Belize. Here at Montague HQ, we’re feeling a bit envious of their experience… and their warm weather! Here’s a comparison of their situation, and ours here [...]
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Tips for Cycling in the Snow

Tweet Riding your bike in the snow can be challenging, but it’s no doubt an adventure. My most satisfying bike commutes are ones where others say “you actually rode in that!?” You do need to properly prepare for it to be an enjoyable experience, so here are a few tips. When cycling in the snow: [...]
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The Political Attack on Bicycles

Tweet Here in North America, bicycles have been in the news quite a bit lately. From the various bike share programs popping up across the US, to high profile bike lane debates in Brooklyn, the bicycle has been getting it’s fair share of attention. Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been positive. A piece recently appeared in [...]
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