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Google Self Driving Car Recognizes Cyclists

Tweet As the idea of self driving cars comes closer to reality, the concern on most people’s minds is the safety of other road users. The most vulnerable of which would be pedestrians and cyclists; those not in a protective, airbag equipped vehicle of their own. It’s hard enough making sure human drivers see us […]
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AAA Expands Bicycle Assistance Program

Tweet The American Automobile Association, or as most know it AAA, is by definition a motorist’s organization. AAA was originally created in response to a lack of roadways suitable for automobiles in the early 20th century. While that certainly isn’t a problem anymore, AAA still lobbies heavily for various highway initiatives, and offers a variety […]
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Montague Throwback Thursday Post

Tweet For our post today, we wanted to take a cue from the ever popular #ThrowbackThursday with a look at some vintage photos from Montague’s storied history. Now lighter, stronger, and easier to fold than ever, Montague bikes have certainly come a long way from their early designs. We’re never done innovating, so keep any […]
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