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Repurposed Bike Parts: Getting Creative

Tweet There are a lot of parts on a bicycle that need to be replaced regularly; tires, tubes, chains, brake cables, you name it. When old parts are swapped out for shiny new replacements, they often end up in a scrap heap or a bin in your basement never to be seen again, but it [...]
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Montague Tour of the Americas: Belize

Tweet Ever wanted to pack up your bikes and go to Belize for a ride through the jungle? Take a look! Although we’ve only spent five days in Belize, we have been pleasantly surprised for two reasons: first, the people. Belize is a truly mixed country with people from Mexico and Guatemala, Mayans, Mennonites (descendants [...]
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The New Cycle Courier: E-Trikes for UPS

Tweet We all know the classic image of the cycle courier, the hardened bike messenger who rides day in and day out to deliver the most time critical of packages. Accustomed to rain, sleet, and bitter cold, no stranger to aggressive drivers and shouting matches with cabbies. While bike messenger jobs have been on the [...]
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The Many Uses of Pedal Power

Tweet Bicycles can be used for transportation, fitness, recreation, and for those with a little imagination, a whole lot more. Pedal powered vehicles have been turned into shops, pubs, food carts, and perhaps most surprisingly… a venue for pole dancing. We’ll get to that one later. Let’s take a look at these unique uses of [...]
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Bicycles Outsell Cars Throughout Europe

Tweet A study recently reported on by NPR showed that in 23 European countries, bicycles outsold cars last year. In the UK, 3 million bicycles were purchased, compared to just 2 million new cars. Similar numbers were found for nearly every other nation in the EU, with Belgium and Luxembourg being the only exceptions. Bicycles [...]
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Charge Your Device by Bike: The Atom by Siva Cycle

Tweet Do you ever listen to music on your phone while cycling? How often do you use your mobile to track a ride via GPS, to gather speed and elevation data? (I know you Strava addicts are out there). Have you ever been on a bike tour enjoying the nature and fresh air, while worried [...]
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Cycling Poster Contest Sends 5th Grader to Bike Summit

Tweet For the last three years, Saris Cycling Group has held a bicycling themed poster contest during National Bike Month. This years contest had over 500 elementary schools from 27 different states participating. Students were challenged to make posters that illustrate the theme, “Bikes Make Life Better”. After more than 2,600 votes were cast from [...]
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FIT Custom: Disc Brake Compatible

Tweet Montague frame sets are now in stock, and the FIT Custom has a brand new addition; a carbon fork with disc brake mounts. The next step in the evolution of the road bike is on the horizon: disc brakes. We’ve seen them on mountain bikes for years now, in fact 4 of Montague’s 5 [...]
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Bikes Not Bombs & Montague

Tweet We did our “spring cleaning” at the Montague headquarters a little early this year. In the process of organizing, we gathered up a truckload of bikes, frames, and components to donate to a wonderful organization here in Boston called Bikes Not Bombs. Located in Jamaica Plain, just south of Boston proper, Bikes Not Bombs [...]
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Journey into the Unknown

Tweet We’ve been talking about commuting recently, this adventure is a byproduct of bike commuting growing into a greater love of cycling. November Adventure This past weekend I undertook an adventure a long time in the making. Since becoming a more and more enthusiastic cyclist, moving from mostly just commuting to and from work to [...]
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