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Flex Parking: Cars and Bikes Share Spots

Tweet As cycling for transportation becomes more and more popular, cars and bikes often clash. When a parking space is removed to make room for a bike rack, we cyclists rejoice. Score one for the good guys! Well there’s always differing opinions on something like this, and we all know parking in cities is scarce [...]
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“Ohh, Look at You and Your Pink Bike…”

Tweet Since my office is located in Cambridge, MA  and I live on the South Shore in Hingham, my commute is fairly long. Actually, it is quite long.  My first couple of weeks of work I took the Commuter Rail to South Station, hopped on the Red Line to Central Square, and walked another 15 [...]
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Doctors Prescribe Cycling

Tweet You and I both know cycling is healthy. If more people took to the bicycle for transportation, we would have a healthier nation. Well now, doctors in Boston can write a prescription for cycling. An initiative by Mayor Marty Walsh and Boston Medical Center was unveiled on Wednesday which allows doctors to prescribe a membership to [...]
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Where to Park? Answer: Park & Pedal

Tweet Where do I park?! It’s an age old question when you’re driving a car into the city. In most metropolitan areas, you’re going to need some luck to find convenient parking. The best way to avoid a parking disaster is to plan ahead, and we have a plan for you: Park & Pedal. Getting [...]
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A Guide to Bicycle Helmets

Tweet Just the mention of the word helmet can start a spirited debate even among fellow cyclists. Some think you’re a fool to ever ride without one. Some think the requirement to wear a helmet creates a culture of victim blaming in accidents. Someone gets run over and your hear “well he wasn’t wearing a [...]
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PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project: Boston

Tweet The nation’s leading bicycle advocacy group, PeopleForBikes is implementing the second edition of their Green Lane Project. The program will provide financial, strategic, and technical assistance to build protected bike lanes in 6 new US cities; Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Montague’s home town of Boston, MA. The proposed bike lanes from the Green [...]
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Keep Your Feet Warm: Winter Cycling

Tweet The biggest challenge to riding in the winter is keeping your extremities warm. We looked at some options for your hands last week, now let’s talk about protecting those toes. It Starts With Socks It’s the first thing you put on your foot. When you’re riding in cold weather, you need to choose a [...]
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Check It Before You Ride It

Tweet As the expression usually goes: Check it before you wreck it. It’s important to be sure your bike is safe each and every time you ride it. Too many of us go days or weeks, regularly riding our bike, but never giving an ounce of thought to its condition or necessary maintenance. Here are [...]
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Keep Your Hands Warm: Winter Cycling

Tweet Putting on a pair of gloves when it’s cold out isn’t rocket science, but when the temperature drops to single digits, keeping your digits warm can be a challenge. With the colds spells in New England recently, we’ve been testing a few products meant for the coldest conditions. Lobster Claw Gloves The classic mitten [...]
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Bikes Make the Front Page in Boston

Tweet Here in Montague’s hometown of Boston, bikes are making news. We’ve had our fair share of snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures this winter, and the Boston Globe has taken note that we’re still out there riding! On the front page of today’s Globe is a feature titled, “Welcoming The Winter Cycle”. The article celebrates [...]
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