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Understanding the Tour de France: A Beginner’s Guide

Tweet It’s that time of year again. We’re a full 11 stages into one of the longest, most difficult, and certainly well known bicycle races in the world, the Tour de France. For many, this may be the only time of year there is an opportunity to watch professional cycling. Unless you attend live, or [...]
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Women Leaders in the World of Cycling

Tweet International Women’s Day is this Saturday, March 8th. No better time to recognize the women in this industry who are passionate about cycling and play a major role in the development of cyclists. There’s always been something intriguing about powerful women who make a difference, especially in the cycling industry which is heavily populated [...]
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Why Do Cyclists Shave Their Legs?

Tweet Most of you probably know that competitive road cyclists shave their legs. While the idea might sound crazy to you, there is in fact reasoning behind it. You’re probably used to legs being shaved for aesthetic purposes, but there are many other important reasons for a cyclists to make this decision. Professional cyclists have [...]
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Would you dress in Tweed for a bike rally?

Tweet All you have to do is dress up in traditional British cycling attire.  Easy and fun, don’t you think? Since the first official “Tweed Run”, held in London back in January 2009, popularity of the event has continued to grow, so much so that the number of competitors is usually limited, and almost always [...]
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Hydraulic Road Calipers

Tweet The other day we discussed disc brakes on road bikes, which seems to be the next big thing coming to the world of competitive road cycling. Not everyone is on board though, as they are a bit heavier than traditional road calipers, and to be honest, people are simply resistant to change. So for [...]
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Bike Safety Lessons from the UK

Tweet  Recent News It’s flashed across all the major media this week, especially in the UK. Olympic medalist and Tour de France winner Bradley “Wiggo” Wiggins was struck by a van. Then, not 15 hours later, in a separate incident, Olympic team trainer, Shane Sutton was involved in an accident with a automobile. Both men [...]
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Bicycles Changing Lives

Tweet   On the Radio Next week Montague Bikes will be on the radio. To be specific we’ll be guests on The Extreme Truckers Show, along with Siphiwe Baleka, Driver Fitness Coach for Prime, Inc and founder of Fitness Trucking. Mr. Baleka has been at the vanguard of changing the way the trucking industry looks [...]
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Changing Shape

Tweet Starting in late summer 2012, Montague Bikes and Prime, Inc. Trucking, based out of Springfield, MO, will be partnering to pioneer an advancement in the trucking industry, a sea change in health.  America relies on its trucking industry for economic success, but hundreds of hours behind the wheel add up; as a result long [...]
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Gearing: Cyclocross attributes for Commuting

Tweet Part 4 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” What’s in a gear?  When doing a build it’s a very important question to ask.  Just what is this bicycle going to be doing, where is it going?  My regular bicycle is a fixed gear – it is used for urban transport and for [...]
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Options and Preferences

Tweet Part 3 in the “CX First Timer Custom Build Experiment” In case you’re just tuning in, we’ve begun the adventure of a first time bike build – using a Montague folding frame as the start of a cyclocross (CX) build. How to know which one is right? Last time we talked about alloys, now [...]
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