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AAA Expands Bicycle Assistance Program

Tweet The American Automobile Association, or as most know it AAA, is by definition a motorist’s organization. AAA was originally created in response to a lack of roadways suitable for automobiles in the early 20th century. While that certainly isn’t a problem anymore, AAA still lobbies heavily for various highway initiatives, and offers a variety [...]
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Flex Parking: Cars and Bikes Share Spots

Tweet As cycling for transportation becomes more and more popular, cars and bikes often clash. When a parking space is removed to make room for a bike rack, we cyclists rejoice. Score one for the good guys! Well there’s always differing opinions on something like this, and we all know parking in cities is scarce [...]
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Doctors Prescribe Cycling

Tweet You and I both know cycling is healthy. If more people took to the bicycle for transportation, we would have a healthier nation. Well now, doctors in Boston can write a prescription for cycling. An initiative by Mayor Marty Walsh and Boston Medical Center was unveiled on Wednesday which allows doctors to prescribe a membership to [...]
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PeopleForBikes Green Lane Project: Boston

Tweet The nation’s leading bicycle advocacy group, PeopleForBikes is implementing the second edition of their Green Lane Project. The program will provide financial, strategic, and technical assistance to build protected bike lanes in 6 new US cities; Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Montague’s home town of Boston, MA. The proposed bike lanes from the Green [...]
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Women Leaders in the World of Cycling

Tweet International Women’s Day is this Saturday, March 8th. No better time to recognize the women in this industry who are passionate about cycling and play a major role in the development of cyclists. There’s always been something intriguing about powerful women who make a difference, especially in the cycling industry which is heavily populated [...]
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The New Cycle Courier: E-Trikes for UPS

Tweet We all know the classic image of the cycle courier, the hardened bike messenger who rides day in and day out to deliver the most time critical of packages. Accustomed to rain, sleet, and bitter cold, no stranger to aggressive drivers and shouting matches with cabbies. While bike messenger jobs have been on the [...]
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The Many Uses of Pedal Power

Tweet Bicycles can be used for transportation, fitness, recreation, and for those with a little imagination, a whole lot more. Pedal powered vehicles have been turned into shops, pubs, food carts, and perhaps most surprisingly… a venue for pole dancing. We’ll get to that one later. Let’s take a look at these unique uses of [...]
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The Political Attack on Bicycles

Tweet Here in North America, bicycles have been in the news quite a bit lately. From the various bike share programs popping up across the US, to high profile bike lane debates in Brooklyn, the bicycle has been getting it’s fair share of attention. Unfortunately, it hasn’t all been positive. A piece recently appeared in [...]
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Round the World Bicycle Tour to Spread Happiness

Tweet There is a Spanish man named Alvaro Neil, who is better known to most as The Biciclown. He was born into life as a clown, a life of making people smile and laugh. But years ago, as most of us do, he pursued a “normal job”. He studied law, worked a stable job in a [...]
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UK Cycle Routes Proven to Reduce Car Trips

Tweet Over the past 5 years, a project in the UK funded by the National Lottery, has built 84 cycling and walking routes designed to encourage people to leave the car at home and ride or walk for short journeys. The new paths expanded the UK’s existing National Cycle Network, which includes over 14,000 miles [...]
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