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Replacing Grips: A Trick for the Sticky Ones

Tweet There are a few reasons you might want to replace your grips. There’s a wide variety of ergonomic shapes and different color options on the market. They’re easily customizable to add some flair to your bike, or you may be looking to replace them if they get worn from extended use. The steps seem simple (slide off […]
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Removing Disc Brake Squeal

Tweet If you’ve ever owned a bike with disc brakes, you may have experienced some squeaking from time to time when the brakes are applied. When new disc brakes are first broken in, some of the material from the pad is actually transferred to and embedded on the rotor. If this layer of pad material […]
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Winter Essentials: A Guide to Cold Weather Cycling

Tweet While most people don’t think of winter as the ideal time for cycling, it can provide some of the best riding of the year. It does take some extra preparation and the right gear, so here are a few tips for cycling in winter. Clothing The obvious consideration when cycling in winter is staying warm. Layers are […]
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