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“Ohh, Look at You and Your Pink Bike…”

Tweet Since my office is located in Cambridge, MA  and I live on the South Shore in Hingham, my commute is fairly long. Actually, it is quite long.  My first couple of weeks of work I took the Commuter Rail to South Station, hopped on the Red Line to Central Square, and walked another 15 [...]
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A Guide to Bicycle Helmets

Tweet Just the mention of the word helmet can start a spirited debate even among fellow cyclists. Some think you’re a fool to ever ride without one. Some think the requirement to wear a helmet creates a culture of victim blaming in accidents. Someone gets run over and your hear “well he wasn’t wearing a [...]
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Keep Your Feet Warm: Winter Cycling

Tweet The biggest challenge to riding in the winter is keeping your extremities warm. We looked at some options for your hands last week, now let’s talk about protecting those toes. It Starts With Socks It’s the first thing you put on your foot. When you’re riding in cold weather, you need to choose a [...]
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Repurposed Bike Parts: Getting Creative

Tweet There are a lot of parts on a bicycle that need to be replaced regularly; tires, tubes, chains, brake cables, you name it. When old parts are swapped out for shiny new replacements, they often end up in a scrap heap or a bin in your basement never to be seen again, but it [...]
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Keep Your Hands Warm: Winter Cycling

Tweet Putting on a pair of gloves when it’s cold out isn’t rocket science, but when the temperature drops to single digits, keeping your digits warm can be a challenge. With the colds spells in New England recently, we’ve been testing a few products meant for the coldest conditions. Lobster Claw Gloves The classic mitten [...]
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Bike Chain Christmas Ornament: How To

Tweet ‘Tis that time of the year again. If you celebrate Christmas, you’re probably setting up a tree in your living room, draping it in lights, and hanging all those little ornaments on it. Everything from the popsicle stick Santa your 3rd grader made, to the priceless glass Christmas pickle will adorn your tree. How [...]
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Smartphone Controlled Bike Lock: BitLock

Tweet Most of us don’t go anywhere without our smartphone. Its’ always in our pocket, in our bag, always within reach. It already acts as our camera, calculator, GPS, news source, and game system, what if it could do even more? What if it could replace your key ring too? BitLock, created by Mesh Motion [...]
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3D Printing in the Bike Industry?

Tweet One of the most exciting new technologies of the last few years is 3D Printing, a process where three dimensional objects of virtually any shape can be made from digital models. Unlike other forms of manufacturing which rely on removing material through cutting and drilling, 3D printing is an additive process, building objects layer by [...]
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Solar Bike Lights: The Future?

Tweet Lights are necessary for our everyday lives. They illuminate the unseen, allow us to be productive at night, make nightlife safer, and can even create artistic displays and very special moments. When riding a bicycle, lights are a hundred times more necessary. On a bike, front and rear lights, and even reflectors can make [...]
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Bicycle Valve Caps: Are They Important?

Tweet The valve cap… yes, that small piece of plastic that screws onto the valve, apparently useless, that  almost always ends up lost somewhere in the world. The truth is that if your bike uses Schrader valves, the caps really are useful, much more than you think. Their main purpose is to help keep dust [...]
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