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Winter Essentials: A Guide to Cold Weather Cycling

Tweet While most people don’t think of winter as the ideal time for cycling, it can provide some of the best riding of the year. It does take some extra preparation and the right gear, so here are a few tips for cycling in winter. Clothing The obvious consideration when cycling in winter is staying warm. Layers are […]
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Warm Winter Ride for the Holidays

Tweet While I was home for the holidays in Western Massachusetts, the weather was unseasonably warm for New England (unlike now, as I type this it’s 0° F) and I had the opportunity to do some riding on the local trails. Most of the trails I found myself on were fairly wide single track. Well maintained and […]
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Gear Roundup: World Tour on Montague Bikes

Tweet Brothers Alexandre and Gregory have been touring the world on two Montague folding bikes. You can read about their journey here (22 countries and over 10,000 km so far). Below is another guest post with an overview of the gear they’re using on tour. We left France with two X50s and we have now an X50 and a […]
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